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Who is Kelley Property Inspections?

Joe Kelley, a dedicated individual with a profound commitment to serving his community, has a remarkable journey that combines military service, electrical expertise, and a passion for ensuring safe and healthy homes.

A United States Marine Corps veteran, Joe Kelley's life is a testament to discipline, integrity, and unwavering dedication. After his military service, Joe transitioned into a distinguished career as an electrician, honing his skills for over two decades.

In 20 years of electrical service, Joe Kelley has built a reputation as a trusted expert in the field. His commitment to safety and quality is evident in every project he takes on. It is no surprise that he has now channeled his vast knowledge and expertise into a family-owned business known as "Kelley Property Inspections."

Kelley Property Inspections: A Name You Can Trust

Kelley Property Inspections is more than just a business; it's a reflection of Joe's values and dedication to service. As a family-owned, veteran-owned, and operated enterprise, it embodies the core principles of hard work, trustworthiness, and commitment to excellence.

Based in the heart of northwest and central Ohio, Kelley Property Inspections serves as a beacon of quality and integrity in the region. They specialize in a wide range of services designed to protect and enhance the well-being of your home.

Their services include:

Home Inspections: Providing a comprehensive evaluation of your home's condition, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of its safety and structural integrity.

Radon Inspections and Mitigation: Protecting your family from this invisible threat with expert testing and mitigation services.

Mold and Air Quality Testing: Ensuring the air you breathe is clean and healthy by identifying and addressing any potential issues.

Blower Door Efficiency Testing: Improving your home's energy efficiency, which not only saves you money but also helps the environment.

Wood-Destroying Insect Inspections: Protecting your investment by identifying and preventing damage from these pests.

203k Consulting: Providing peace of mind that any work on your home is completed correctly, making sure your investment is sound.

Infrared Camera Inspections: Utilizing cutting-edge technology to identify hidden issues within your home.

Commercial Inspections: Extending their expertise to businesses, ensuring that commercial properties meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

Joe Kelley is not just a business owner; he's a pillar of his community, dedicated to ensuring that the homes and businesses in northwest and central Ohio are safe, efficient, and secure. With a commitment to service that has its roots in his military background and a wealth of knowledge accumulated through years of electrical work, Joe and Kelley Property Inspections are a name you can trust.

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