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Great News for Buyers and Home Owners!

Great news for homeowners and homebuyers! Kelley Property Inspections has launched its new website, and it's now live. The website is designed to provide a user-friendly experience, making it easier for clients to schedule property inspections and renovation consulting services online.

One of the exciting features of the website is the addition of 203k Renovation Consulting to the list of services provided by Kelley Property Inspections. The 203k renovation loan program is an excellent option for homeowners looking to renovate their homes but lack the funds to finance their projects. With the new addition to the services provided, clients can take advantage of Kelley Property Inspections' expertise in inspecting properties and consulting on renovation projects. This service will enable clients to get a better understanding of the condition of the property and the scope of work required to complete the renovation project.

In addition, the website also offers an easy-to-use scheduling system. With just a few clicks, clients can schedule inspections and renovation consulting services at their convenience, making the entire process more efficient and stress-free.

Kelley Property Inspections has built a reputation for providing professional, thorough, and timely inspections. With the addition of 203k Renovation Consulting and online scheduling, the company is further solidifying its commitment to providing exceptional service to clients.

So, if you're looking to buy a home or planning to renovate your current property, head over to Kelley Property Inspections' new website and schedule an inspection or consultation today!

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